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A Chat With The Jardines

Here’s a clip of the highlights from an interview I did with Cherelle and Ajaye Jardine, along with Michael Flunkert and Kirk Douglas at Sound Lounge Productions in Vancouver.

You can find out more about The Jardines HERE

Visit Sound Lounge Productions HERE

Come and see The Jardines play live with SWANK! (it’s their last show, their SWAN[K] Song I suppose) and Jonathan Todd at The Anza Club on October 1, 2010,


Is that what you're really trying to say (or ask for that matter)?

Diction: it is how we enunciate our words but also how we choose them. Or, more specifically, the manner in which and reason why we choose them. When studying business and professional writing, the importance of diction is stressed because picking a word that isn’t quite right can be devastating to a document, especially when someone else’s lawyer finds a way to interpret your document differently because of it. I don’t write memos for the White House but even as a blogger I need to be careful of the words I choose.

Internet search engines search for phrases or the words that make up those phrases. So, if your site contains the words “Glenn Beck,” “shit,” and “piece,” when someone searches “Glenn Beck is a peice of shit” guess whose site is going to pop up on Google. Tagging an entry does this deliberately but search engines will connect the dots.

When I check out my blog’s stats page, I always take a look over the search engine terms that brought people to my site. Here are some of my favourites so far:

“how to make a humane fox trap”

“indian hairy bears videos using you tube”

“letter to puff” (wtf?)

“fellatio caught on camera”

and finally…

“bree olson gangbanged”

“Baron S. Cameron” has been searched several times which I find interesting. It was actually because of Google that I starting using the “S.” My middle name is Stuart, and it didn’t hurt that two of my favourite writers are William S. Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson, but Google was the main reason. The 17th Earl of Fairfax (Virginia) was Baron Cameron. Except in his case, Baron was his title, not his name. In Reston, VA, you can find a Baron Cameron Blvd, Baron Cameron Park, etc… When you search Baron Cameron on Google you get dog park regulations, soccer scores, and a couple of my YouTube videos. So I added the “S.”

Another thing of interest that was pointed out to me by is, now that Google offers suggestions for your search based on the most popular searches, you can see what kind of things people are searching for on Google. Try this. Go to and type “Is it wrong to” into the search box. Some of the most popular searches are actually kind of funny. Next, type “Is it ethical to” into the search box. It is an interesting to see the difference between “wrong” and “ethical” as far as Google users are concerned. Finally, type in “Is it moral to” and it’s a whole new ballgame.

Lastly, my friend Diana pointed out that if you type in “Geeks can’t…” nothing comes up. Leaving one to infer that geeks can do pretty much anything (on Google search engines at least).

Friday Flashback #5

If you’re going out drinking tonight, watch this video

Originally aired June 24, 2007

Friday Flashback #4

This video was not part of The Baron S. Cameron Show. It was the third of the Hey, Dumbass! Series. It originally aired on June 13, 2007.

Originally posted as an addendum to Hey, Dumbass! 1.02, it’s a less than subtle, one-way conversation with the adherents of the White Pride Movement.

Flashback Friday #3

“In the Kitchen”

originally aired February 7, 2007 as part of “The Baron S. Cameron Show – Episode the Second”

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Watch “The Baron S. Cameron Show” HERE

Playing the odds

According to B.C.’s Health Minister, the odds of dying from the swine flu are about equal to that of being hit by a car. Apparently we don’t have vaccinations for pedestrian vs automobile encounters. I’m not even sure how that would work. Perhaps they give you a shot of atomized chrome from a front bumper. Of course, if we did develop a way for kids to be vaccinated against car accidents, someone would make a YouTube video about how it was a secret government conspiracy, designed to steal our “essence” by contaminating our bodily fluids.

Why does a conspiracy like that always sound crazy when it is upheld by a US Air Force Brigadier General who just started armageddon but suddenly sound normal when a celebrity with a YouTube infatuation espouses the same thing?

The key question to ask of any conspiracy theorist is “cui bono?” Who benefits?

How do doctors benefit by giving all their patients poison? Well, they wouldn’t, so they wouldn’t.

How does a government benefit by having all of its citizens die from being mass-poisoned? Well, they don’t, so they wouldn’t.

You see, conspiracy theory is like religion.

The weak and unknown feel small and alone and need to find a sense of worth and belonging. For this, they seek religion. Others, feel that the only way to explain their lives not turning out exactly as they planned is to blame it on a vast conspiracy that seems committed to keeping them down.

Sometimes it’s the Jews. Sometimes it’s the rich. Sometimes it’s the intelligent. But, it is always a group that can be blamed for the misfortunes of others. There is never a solution given by a conspiracty theorist. It is always whose fault it is and how it affects you.

So when it comes to the immunity booster or “flu shot,” make sure your decision is based on solid medical fact (like you CAN’T get Swine Flu from the shot) not some angry mom who seems destined to bring back polio and smallpox because she thinks doctors are pompous and she knows better when it comes to her child because she saw a YouTube video while the doctor was studying microbiology at Johns Hopkins.

As for you conspiracy theorists out there, what do you say you all take a flying leap in front of a speeding car? Bet you wish you had the anti-automobile vaccination then.


Flashback Friday #2

“Phone In Show”

originally aired March 15, 2007 as part of “The Baron S. Cameron Show – Episode, the Eighth”

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