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the great letter writing campaign of 2010

Keep your eyes peeled and watch those mailboxes. The Great Letter Writing Campaign of 2010 has begun! I am going to try and write a letter a day to all my friends on my penpalio list for at least a few weeks. Some of you will be getting postcards from Toronto even though I am not longer in Toronto. I had some left over and didn’t feel like wasting them! If you’re not already on my mailing list, you can send me an email to with your address and I add you! Snail mail rocks!


neither rain, nor snow, or… um… heavy bags or er… bad gas…

Guess what I got today? If you guessed “More awesome mail?” you’re either a genius or living under my desk. I recently blogged about how awesome it feels to get cool mail. Today, was pretty freakin’ cool. Today I received a package from New York (stomping grounds of the illustrious Jen and Elaine). Inside said package was the following:

Okay, for those who don’t have super powers and can’t hear pictures, along with the super-cool portrait is a talking Gilda Radner card. “RAD” indeed. I love the portrait, the talking card – listening to Gilda Radner complain about bad gas from beyond the grave is a must for any Tuesday morning, and the note made my day.

I told you: Mail is a happy thing! And it works both ways. Now Jen can tell her friends that one of her pictures sits proudly beside a limited edition Ralph Steadman print of Hunter S. Thompson, signed by Thompson and Steadman and shot (yeah, shot) by William S. Burroughs. I’d like point out Jen’s portrait of HST is signed too. WOOT! I hope Jen’s work likes its new home because its new home sure likes it. MAIL IS AWESOME!

I love mail

Okay, so it’s really convenient to be able to push a button and have the picture of your baby throwing up on the cat be sent to everyone you know instantaneously, but I still like getting mail. I got this the other day:

(Damn good CD, by the way. Review to follow soon)

You may notice that the address says “King of West Vancouver.” I blog about this from time to time because, apparently, my ego knows no bounds, but in 1994 I recieved my letter from The Smugglers’ Fan Club and it was addressed to: Baron Cameron, King of West Vancouver. The fact that it arrived at my address sets the precedent that I am, in fact, the King of West Vancouver.

Now, the King thing is a bit of a joke but I still like to point out that even though Grant Lawrence started it 16 years ago, when I tell people that’s my address, that’s how they send it. My friends are just as nuts as I am and I love it. My personal favourite was one addressed to “Reverend Doctor Baron S. Cameron.” I’m an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church so, along with King of West Vancouver, it is actually my proper title.

Even if your letters don’t denote you as royalty, they’re still more fun than email. So if you feel like sending me a letter, I’ll send you my address. Which reminds me, I owe Jane and Lexi letters…

Jane (secret awesome heroine of this blog) sent me a puzzle letter the other day… kicks ass. Try sending someone a real puzzle by email! Can’t do it! So, buy a stamp and send someone a letter. You can imagine how you’ll brighten their day when their daily routine is broken.

“Bill, bill, bill, bi… Hey! A letter!” They’ll love you for it. Trust me!