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Ordering NIGHT VISIONS: Beyond Good and Evil



My first published book of photographs, OTHER EYES, was a wide-ranging collection of images from the past five years. It was generally well received and had many claiming that my photography had reached a new level and focus.

NIGHT VISIONS: Beyond Good and Evil seeks to continue the narrative started by the final section of my first book. In its current working format, it will be 150-200 original b/w images shot in the hours between sunset and sunrise, documenting the streets of the city people rarely see. All the images were shot with the available ambient light to represent the scene exactly as it was, the light and shadow cast by city streets at night.

“Why do some photographers go to the street and other photographers go to a studio? Some people want to pretend it’s a movie and other photographers walk into the world and they say, ‘Show me’. Those select few, through time, who are willing to go out into the chaos with some hopes of interacting with moments where life will become clarified for them.”

~ Joel Meyerowitz, “Everybody Street” (2013)

Though I still enjoy shooting fashion, events, and portraits, my passion is in my solo sojourns into the city streets at night. It’s not just about the people you meet, it is about the odd, little street scenes that present themselves when the sun goes down. I enjoy seeking out those temporary images of city life that will be gone three hours later, three minutes in some cases.

Shot mostly in Vancouver, NIGHT VISIONS: Beyond Good and Evil endeavours to put forward a “morally neutral” collage of a city at night. I am working from the philosophical position that an action, in and of itself, is neither Good nor Evil. It is not until that action is witnessed (by me as the disinterested observer) and, ultimately, judged by a outside viewer, that any distinctions of Good or Evil, Right or Wrong, are applied. Such judgements can only be arrived at by the personal experience and world view of each viewer individually.

I have a new selection of local “Heads” lined up to write the Foreword sections for me and I’m considering the edition of a handful of short text sections, dispersed throughout the book, relating some of the experiences (good, bad, and/or ugly) I had while taking the photos that make up the book.

night visions

NIGHT VISIONS: Beyond Good and Evil (2016) 202pgs 217 images.

ISBN 978-0-9918835-1-6 (pbk.)

Library and Archives Canada AMICUS No.: #44645714

$30 (+$15 shipping Canada / $25 international)


OTHER EYES: photography by Baron S. Cameron (2015) 202pgs 218 images

ISBN 978-0-9918835-0-9 (pbk.)

Library and Archives Canada AMICUS No.: #43407665

Frontside copy

TALES FROM THE FRONTSIDE: The SBC Restaurant and Skateboarding on the DTES

ISBN 978-0-9918835-2-3