Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

So yeah, I’m into fashion. Sue me.

Hair-brained Year-long Project #18284-F: The dress


I have decided I am making a dress (not for me, thx).

I’ve always liked fashion. But I can’t sketch, stitch, cut, or sew.

I am starting from scratch. But with my library card, my passion for ridiculous ideas, and my mom’s sewing machine, I’m giving myself one year, 365 days, to design and make a dress. Why? Why the fuck not?


Granville Pt. 2: fashion

I’ve always been interested in people’s sense of style. This is just a sampling of the people who walked past in the hour or so I was sitting on Granville. I once heard that if you sit in one spot for long enough, the entire world will pass you by. Really quite boring when you think about it. Heh.

the age of style

Despite what some of you may think, I am not an entirely vain person. That does not mean, however, that I don’t care about how I look. Truth be told, even when I’m dressing down and feeling kind of slobbish, there’s still a method to my madness. There are several people out there whose style I admire. Often, when I am preparing to go out, I will dress with one of these fashion archetypes in mind.

Style Icon #1- The Bum: Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski

If I don’t need to get dressed, I stay in my pjs all day. If I don’t need to shave, I won’t. Soap and showers are a daily must but why dirty clothes when you don’t need to?

Style Icon #2 – The “Writer”: Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe, State of Play)

Gloriously unkempt but still hip, the writer denotes the artistic side but also states that substance trumps appearance. It’s simple, classic, and sometimes scruffy.

Style Icon #3 – The Gracefully Aging Hipster: Anthony Bourdain

He cooks. He writes. He travels the world. He is so cool, the man shits ice.

Style Icon#4 – The Bad Boy: Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt, Fight Club)

The picture pretty much sums it up. Pitt was only a couple years younger than I am now when he shot this film. So the possiblity for this body does exist for me and men my age.

Style Icon #5 – The Rich Bad Boy: Sean Penn

When passion and wallet match in size, you look just as good in a tux as you do in scrubby jeans and tussled hair. You don’t give a damn what people think because you really don’t have to.

Style Icon #6 – The Suit: George Clooney

No one looks better in the classic suit than George Clooney. If I can look half as good as he does when I’m 50, bring it on.