Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.



So… the Great Turkey Fuck-Fest is over for another year and I seem to really be into napping. I managed to avoid the obligatory change to my Facebook status telling the world what I’m thankful for because, of the 830 people who do their damndest to ignore my inane little posts, the vast majority of them know that simply being alive is good enough for me at the moment.
In the past few weeks, I have been to more non-pub/house parties than I have in several years. One of them was even a dinner party… at a real restaurant and everything. It felt good. I do realize that I am thankful for friends and family, not that it was ever in real doubt, just kind of popped in to my head a little stronger than usual.
Chasing my cock too often leads to chasing my heart. When it doesn’t, the end result is often the same. Go figure.
I’m just starting to wonder if my calendar age can continue to be so completely at odds with my ability to refuse to grow up that one day I might just implode. Thing is, I don’t like 38 year old stuff. I don’t want a mortgage. I want to use my Blackberry to take pictures of hot club girls instead of sending spreadsheets or whatever it is responsible people do with their Blackberries.
I don’t mind waking up on the floor of recording studios and strange couches. Getting cock-blocked by moms is a bit tiring after a while, but I still can’t help but smile when I’m told (by a third party quoting a cutie way¬†below my age bracket)¬†that “even though [I’m] older, [I’m] still really cool and fucking hot.” Jesus man! Who doesn’t want to hear that? (She managed to arrive in her own bed unbesmirched, I might add.)
Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Sometimes it creates a gap, like a ferry sailing in the wrong direction, that causes you to feel the swim is too far, too hard, to get back to solid ground beneath your well worn Converse.
A dear friend of mine is having troubles with “the guy she likes” and I’m not being patronizing. Over a year ago, chatting on Facebook at two in the morning, she asked me what is was like to be in love. How the hell do I answer that? I could tell her, because I most certainly know. But should I?
It was her and her feelings of being a little more lost, a little more alone, than feels comfortable that really got me thinking tonight.
I think it’s time to go to more parties. Playing King of the Castle is only fun when that castle actually represents a kingdom, not “a pile of shit” as was lovingly pointed out by a concerned friend.
So here’s to those friends: the weak, the strong, the subtle, the loud.
Love you all.

Dinner anyone?