Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

oil spill

The pipe ain’t the only thing leaking crap

I write this piece from under a table, barricaded in my basement. They’ll be coming for me soon.

Now, I agree that oil companies are evil and Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are fucking idiots, but… environmentalists continue to be the stupidest, most self-righteous people in the world. Yes, the oil leak is indeed a disaster and 11 people are dead (remember the rig workers?); however, to say that the risk isn’t worth the reward is just plain asinine. The world runs on oil. We need it. A day will come when our dependence on oil will end but that day is not here yet. We can’t just flip a switch and suddenly run the world on Kumbaya Power. Yes, we must start work today on a fossil fuel free world but it will take time. And until that time we will need oil. The Earth is strong. It has seen far worse days than this and still it prospered. Humans cannot destroy the planet; we can only affect our ability to live on it. So, Save the Planet? Yeah, it needs our help.