Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.



This pic just floated across my Internet goggles…
Below is a new picture of “alt-model”, Apnea – Amanda Pemberton to her friends and recent fiancee, photographer, Chase Lisbon. As far as I am concerned, Apnea’s eyes have always been what set her apart from the other models in her field (despite the fact this tattooed cutie is amazingly flexible).
I’m reposting this pic because it caught me as different, another new look for this little chameleon. Looks as though she’s channeling Pris (Blade Runner) in this one with some Harley Quinn (Batman) and Conan the Barbarian thrown in for good measure. Whether the ghosting was done during or post, I don’t know but it certainly adds to the feeling this image provokes.
If you have some time (and you’re not at work), swing by her blog. It’s a fun collection of picture sets, cats, cookies, and travel stories.

photo credit: Nathan Appel