Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Excuse me… I ordered the "Ordinary" madness

“Writing about yourself isn’t as fun as talking about yourself”
A-to the fucking-men, sister.
When Polonius tells his son, Laertes, “To thins own self be true,” does that include other people? I mean, if your honest to yourself about yourself, do you need to share it?
As I progress with the notes I’m making before I start the real work on LA Woman, I need to decide how much honesty I, personally, can put on the page. The scope of the book has grown considerably, which was to be expected I suppose. The way I do things, these projects often swell, then get pared back down to a reasonable size. Which brings me back to honesty?
How much is too much? Where do we enter the realm of TMI? Just because I am willing to share something, should I?
And lastly, what are friends and family going to think when they read an undiluted account of the last year of my life?


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