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Musician Profile: Kalvin Olafson

Kalvin James Richard Olafson was born and raised on a farm just outside of Morden, MB, about two hours south of Winnipeg, but calls Vancouver home as an adult. He plays guitar, but mostly a 1971 Ibanez electric and Ovation acoustic but owns several others. He’s in the Vancouver Based band MINTO.

First instrument was the piano which I gave up unfortunately to play baseball I was 8.

First public performance as an ensemble was a music version of the little mermaid. Solo, was playing a song I wrote in a coffee shop at 15.

First Minto (formerly The Smokes) show was at the media club opening for my first solo album I think or it was at the Astoria in 2003.

Stage fright: not anymore unless I’m playing for family.

Favourite show I have a few… Saskatoon at Lydia’s Pub: we didn’t know what to expect but the place was sold out and we played our entire catalogue three times and repeated three songs it was a blast!

My favourite band right now is Monsters of Folk and Huron/Ian Blurtons happy ending. I can’t stop listening to their albums on repeat.

Favourite live performance in the last year was Fucked Up.

All time favourite bands would be The Band/Rolling Stones/Beatles in that order.

Ten years from now I will be touring the world with Minto working on our 4th album and dating super models.

Ten years from now (probable answer) I will be touring North America with minto working on our third album dating cougars.

Next gig is June 24 at Brixx in Edmonton, followed by The U of C on the 24th (@ 2pm) and Banff at The Devils Gap  (@ 8pm) also on the 24th, and the Hi Fi Club in Calgary on the 26th. For more tour info and dates click HERE

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