Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Granville Pt. 1

First thing, I need a new lens; people hunting without a good telephoto can be problematic. Candid shots are always the best shots (for my dime) but when people find out you’re taking their picture one of two things tends to happen: either they pose or they get pissed off. The later creates some good pictures but the resulting mayhem isn’t always fun. Keep in mind, however, that so long as you’re on a public street, The Charter favours my camera over your privacy.

The day starts with a pack of smokes.  Jump off the bus in Dundarave to stop into Harry’s. Harry is long gone but Harry’s remains. Any stop in Dundarave means a visit to Jim’s Hardware. It’s got more soul than the Vatican and very likely any weird thing you need but can’t find in that kitchen drawer.

Next stop, Granville.

Granville, as per always, is jumping with people. Let the hunt begin…

File this one under “Things You Don’t See Everyday”

More to follow…


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