Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

I've certainly been drier…

It’s been a long time since I’ve noticed puddles. Living in Vancouver, noticing a puddle is like thinking you hear a rumble standing on the tarmac as a 747 rolls by. With the past economic crisis fresh in my mind, I think of the “staycation,” the recession-fuelled vacation in your backyard. Vancouver is truly one of the world’s most beautiful cities and there are still a lot of interesting things to do if you’re willing to peel away a bit of the veneer. An old school friend and new e-muse delights in puddles. She also knows things about this city I never picked up on, despite the fact that I’ve been walking these streets close to 15 years longer than she has.

It is time for my “staycation.” I ended the year (well, very nearly) walking the streets of Toronto, trying to take it in. I think part of “2010: The Year of Baron” must include more of this city. With the Olympic invasion force knocking at our gates, I think this will be the year to find out just what this city is capable of: good, bad, or otherwise.

Armed with a camera, my pen, my five senses, and a desire to strip these streets bare, I will rediscover the town that has always been my home, one walk at a time.

I start with a pier and a coffee and I smile as this city can turn any colour photo black and white when it feels like it.


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