Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

A Pair of Brown Shoes in a Room Full of Tuxedos

Are you ever left wondering where you actually fit in to all of this? I am. It doesn’t haunt my thoughts always, but from time to time it, the wondering where I still fit in, does pop up. The last time it did was about 2:30 this afternoon, right after puking my guts out; I thought of Adrian Zmed. Maybe it was just the vomiting that brought him to mind (I’m kind of hoping).

I don’t usually think about Adrian Zmed, in fact, I never think of him at all. So it was interesting that after tossing my cookies (beef pie, actually) I should think about him and then find that Grease 2 is on TV tonight. All we need now is a TJ Hooker retrospective and we’re set.

There is the distinct feeling that this blog had a point when I started but now I’m not so sure what it was. I’m sure it wasn’t anything to do with puke. I can discuss menstrual cycles and related paraphernalia until the cows come home but gastrointestional issues always leave me a little pale. I know it wasn’t about Adrain Zmed. It is very possible that this entry was about trying to figure out what to do once the path has been lost. What do you do when you can’t remember what the blog was about when you started? What do you do when your star “vehicle” ends and you are left as nothing but an aging star with dubious talent, with no options but to embarrass yourself on a reality show for aging stars with dubious talent.

I guess one thing he has going for him (Zmed that is, not my puke) is that he still has websites hawking nude pics of him. But I’ll bet none of them are recent (not having checked). Again, the main interest in him lies in his past.

We all have a good idea where we did fit in, yesterday. But where will we fit in tomorrow? Therein lies the question and thoughts potentially more depressing than a TJ Hooker retrospective.



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