Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Oops… Missed a day.

Apologies for missing a post. No big deal though. They’ve been a little lame as of late because I find myself in a good mood that I just can’t shake. I spent most of today doing late prep for today’s taping of Radio BSC/BSCTV. I haven’t taped one in a while but today’s went off without a hitch.


Somewhere on the right hand side bar you’ll find a link to Apnea’s blog. You’ll also see that I have her Twitter feed there as well. Apnea is a goth/fetish model who crossed my online path a few weeks ago. Her eyes kind of put the hooks in me and the rest is, as they say, her story.

We follow each other on Twitter, and through Twitter I found out that she and her boyfriend pull late, late nights online in the Ozarks with a little “show” they call Warlordz. I am listening to it right now. It’s a live video feed from their bedroom. There is nothing “dirty” about it nor is there meant to be. It is spontaneous and at times so funny that I find myself with tears streaming down my face. Apnea (Amanda) plays the straight “man” to her man, Chase, who is quite the character. The whole irreverent scene plays out to a score pumped from Chase’s iTunes. It is interesting to check out.

I mention this only because of some of the comments that pop up in the text chat (which Amanda and Chase take part in).

A lot of the lurkers in the room came to see Apnea, the naked faerie nymph of Internet fame. What they get is Amanda, the remarkably reserved and charming, glasses wearing straight man. I wonder what that does to their appreciation of Apnea’s photographs.



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