Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Yeah, I'll say pretty much anything about anyone…

Never wear “dry clean only” in the presence of infants. Last night, he held open the neck of my Ramones shirt and puked inside. It was strangely cute.

I’m still in Campbell River and sitting in Shot in the Dark again. I recommend the sandwiches. If you’re ever up here you should check them out, downtown Campbell River, on the highway across from Robert V. Ostler Park.

The weather was terrible yesterday. I work a jacket today. It’s gorgeous outside.

Still, even though we get stuck thinking that we can’t win for trying sometimes, it’s important to realize that things could always be worse.

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to find a pull down blind for her son’s bedroom. His curtains match the decor perfectly but let in a little too much light and she’d like him to sleep a little longer in the morning if possible. First we (this is the editorial “we” here; I did jack-shit throughout this process) had to get him dressed. This includes shoes; however, not to him it doesn’t. They are on. They are off. They are on… Well, you get the picture.

He looks too hot in his sweat top so she takes it off. We bring it with us in case we need it later but by the time we get to Home Depot it is raining so hard outside that sweat top or not, we’re all getting soaked.

I’ll cut to the chase. They didn’t have what she wanted at a price she could afford. Her son is always clothed, never hungry, and has a beautiful and well maintained roof over his head. What he doesn’t have is a pull down blind in his already immaculate bedroom.

So all of the effort of getting him ready to go was for naught.

I couldn’t imagine having to this every morning. And she does it herself like many single parents. My ex loves her son; there is absolutely no doubt about that. But to go through this everyday takes strength I do not possess. I love kids but I have a hard time putting up with people’s shit (literally). I know that kids don’t know any better most of the time and they don’t intend to be the way they can be, but that doesn’t change the fact that they still do what they do.

The next time someone says, “Oh, but they don’t know any better!” expecting that to negate any damage they’ve caused, I’m going to hand the keys to their new Mercedes to a blind retard and see if I get the same response when they hear the  front brakes lock up…



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