Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

All the little wars…

Aren’t we past this yet? What’s next, passing notes? A and B have a secret from C that if C finds out will make life hell for A,B,D, and probably E,F,G as well.

Wouldn’t just be easier if A and B were allowed to live their own damns lives and C stop living in the past? Of course it would but where would the malicious rumour mongers get their fun?

This is only one of several dramas currently playing out around me. I try not to care and get involved as little as possible, but these are friends and I’ll do what I can.

On a much brighter note: The thunder shower last night was truly amazing. The fireworks competition was also going on but I am certain that any man-made display would have paled in comparison to the light show nature was putting on.



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