Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Phase One Complete

Around 1:45 this afternoon, I finally managed to haul my carcass through my backdoor and flop on the bed. Last night at The Biltmore, I witnessed the best set I’d ever heard The Stumblers Inn play, got a preview of their new CD, and had the time of my life “rocking out” to four other excellent acts. That was round one.

Next Friday at the same venue, we’re doing it all over again. The two shows are “pre-festival parties”, fundraisers to help alleviate the cost of producing the third annual, Green Mountain Music Festival, on August 8th in Nanaimo. I was at last year’s and they are an event that is not to be missed. Family fun on a family farm. Check out the particulars here:

Now, I am moments away from heading out the door for in search of other pleasures. What’s a bear to do?

Someday I’ll be dead but today ain’t that day.



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