Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Dear “Rest” of Canada: Quit complaining about Vancouver complaining

We did get a lot of snow. Everytime a Vancouverite complains about how much snow we get, someone from Frozen Ass Lick, Sask, has to complain about us complaining…

“I don’t know what they’re on about! We get 40 feet of snow a day and it’s zero degrees kelvin outside!”

Okay, so that sucks. But we don’t live in Frozen Ass Lick, Saskatchewan; we live in Vancouver and shit like this unending snow isn’t supposed to happen here.

So the next time you’re out snowshoeing, or whatever it is you do during the winter, and you come home to find out that a meth addict has stolen your truck, your daughter is addicted to heroin, and your best friend just got gunned down coming home from the club, I don’t want to hear a fucking peep out of you.




2 responses

  1. Haley

    Well said Baron.. So unbelievably true, not only on this subject but many others as well…

    January 5, 2009 at 11:01

  2. Dirty

    I’m not usually one to complain about the weather, but wow… isn’t this ridiculous!!! Oh yeah, those other cities have things called snow plows too!

    January 5, 2009 at 15:25

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