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Sarah Palin vs. Amy Winehouse

Nobody should have been surprised when Amy Winehouse went to rehab. Much the same as Cobain penning a song called “I Hate Myself and Want to Die” poked a couple of holes in the “He was murdered!” theory. For the same reasons, I can’t quite understand what surprised the GOP about Sarah Palin going “rogue.”

I have no personal issue with handicapped children or single moms, but the GOP sure does. Any McCain aide who tells you with a straight face that Palin was properly vetted as a VP choice has a very long and prosperous future in politics.  And now they have turned on her. Big surprise.

My mom is a hockey mom. Apart from my mom, I have known plenty others. Simply put, some hockey moms are great organizers while others, and I would hazard they are the majority here, are extremely divisive and volunteer only to make the season better for their children. Sarah Palin, I believe, falls into the latter group. But so what? Who doesn’t get into politics to make life better for their children?

It appears that because the GOP couldn’t win claiming that Obama was Black, muslim, and an anti-semite, they need to have lost because Sarah Palin is a gold-digging woman who spent too much on clothes. She went “rogue”? We’re lucky she didn’t go Rove. What could you possibly expect when you choose a “maverick”? Someone please mail a thesaurus to Republican Party Headquarters.

I think we will see Palin become the new Martin Luther, nailing her protests to the door of the Watergate Hotel, causing a schism in the GOP and finaly separting the power base far enough that the two sides can see each other clearly. On one hand, you have world power brokers with millions in the bank and a convenient belief in the Nazarene, just big enough to justify their imperialism. On the other, are the “simple” folk, who truly believe in Jesus and couldn’t raise $1,000,000,000 between them.

Palin brought smalltown America to the polls and is now being turned on because the Republican ticket lost. Any hockey mom in the world can tell you why a team blames one of its members for the whole team’s loss: the team isn’t really a team and the coach was so dead set on winning that he forgot the basics of the game.

Palin and Winehouse’s careers are on an even par right about now but I think the future will be kinder to Palin than Winehouse. The Baron News Network (BNN) Projection is as follows:

Palin, having tasted the limelight and Neiman Marcus won’t be happy living in reruns of “Northern Exposure” anymore. I predict that soon we will see her on her own Fox News talkshow, doing segments on how Amy Winehouse is poisoning the minds of our children, the pregnant ones too!



2 responses

  1. The thing that likely hurts most for Sarah isn’t that America let her down. It’s that the God, she was sure ordained her to high office let her down. That’s going to smart for awhile.

    November 7, 2008 at 01:46

  2. Harry,
    God doesn’t let people down… His will is not to be understood by us mere mortals.
    A football player will get down on one knee to thank the Nazarene for a touchdown but no one ever blames Jesus for an incomplete pass (I stole that and paraphrased it but can’t remember the comedian… I thinking Leary, Carlin, or maybe Miller on his best day).
    I am an atheist, NOT because I don’t belive in God. My own beliefs led me to aetheism. I am a secular humanist (to use some asshole PH.D. terminology). I believe in the power, beauty, grace, and potential on the human race and would rather be disappointed by the shitty things we do than give the credit for every good moment we have to God.
    What does this have to do with Palin?
    Despite what she believes on her death bed, it WASN’T God’s will that put a handicapped child in her womb but it will be her strength that raises that child, wether she cares to except the praise or not.

    November 7, 2008 at 10:22

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