Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Two-Step Thursdays at The Railway Club with Rich Hope and the Blue Rich Rangers

It’s a Thursday night and I am bored to tears. I remember seeing an interesting entry on a friend’s Facebook page: **** plans to attend Two-Step Thursday. As far as I know he didn’t; I did.

Vancouver’s Railway Club is one of my favourite people watching venues of all time. I usually grab and stool and just take in the conversations. There’s always a wide variety. Tonight a certain, local arts columnist is having a pint and a smoke and discussing the demise of Metallica, the surprising success of Celtic Punk music (a la The Real MacKenzies), Celine Dion, and wheatgrass (His A- rating for Dion’s Vancouver show was a misprint btw). He remembers me as “the guy with the blog” and we chat for a while.

On stage are Rich Hope and the Blue Rich Rangers. With the exception of “Hotel Yorba”, I have a hard time distinguishing the covers from originals. This is likely because Rich Hope and the band make every song their own and in doing so get the whole room tapping their toes to the music. Had Helen Keller been in attendance, she too would be keeping time with her heel and toe. The crowd are right into it and for the very first time I see dancing, two-stepping, at The Railway Club.

The band has an amazing on stage presence and is certainly a joy to watch. Dressed in denim and plaid work shirts, they look as though at any moment they may leap of the stage and help Pony Boy and Soda Pop beat some Socs back to the west side.

Rodney Decroo sits in for a bit. Visually, his beard and tasselled leather jacket may stand apart from Rich and the band but musically, he is definitely in step with the world tonight and they play great together.

The band start another set around midnight but I am heading out the door to catch a long, blue limousine that won’t wait for me, no matter how much fun I am having.


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