Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

New Rules for “Cool”

The next person who uses “random” as a buzz word will be shot at dawn with a ball of their own shit. Here beginneth the rant.

When did “cool” cease to be a subjective thing? What ever happened to self assurance and personal style? When did a logo and a price tag take over as the means to being “cool”? It all happened a long time ago. I happened, in fact, on the very day I ceased to be “cool.”

In high school, I was the rebel leading his own pack. I was the front man for a hard rock band and had a lot of sex while doing so. My writing has been published, my screenplays produced, and my overly biased opinion taken for law in more bars than I can count. Now it seems as if my Chuck Taylors are either too new or too dirty, depending on which “never tell anyone my age” party girl happens to comment.

A 15 year-old kid accused me of killing Kurt Cobain. What the fuck? How could a kid who wasn’t even sperm when I was buying “Bleach” possilby know what I did or didn’t have to do with Cobain’s demise?

I think it comes down to the erasure of history. Every snot-nosed, little fucker in a Black Sabbath shirt is, as far as he is concerned, doing it “for the first time.” By comparison, I look like a geek because I’m some “old dude” acting like him (*Note: Check the date on your birth certificate there bub and you’ll note that I never stopped doing what you’re attempting). If he’d pick up a book (another of my old-man-at-35, geek habits) once in a while, he might come across The Genealogy of Morals and realize that only the vulgar need to tell or be told how cool they are.


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