Friends, Enemies, and Internet Losers: I have returned.

Six of one and half a dozen of the other

Photo copyright Adam P. W. Smith


In less than one week, I have had a major circulation newspaper quote a music review of mine AND I have had my picture taken by Adam P. W. Smith, one of Vancouver’s foremost event photographers. But…

None of this would have happened the way that it has if it were not for the terrible accident suffered by the The Hotel Lobbyists. My picture was taken at a fundraiser held for James Wood (The Hotel Lobbyists’ lead vocalist seriously injured in the crash) and my review of the band was quoted in a Province article about Mike Gurr’s (The Hotel Lobbyists’ drummer killed in the accident) wonderful, albeit short, life.

Very bittersweet though it is, I know Mike would be happy for me that my stuff is starting to catch on. In fact, were it not for James, Mike, Jordie, and Jordan (The Hotel Lobbyists), none of this insanity I called “The Aging Rockstar” would have even happened: the videos, the reviews, the new friends and great music- nothing.

All of us must take the bitter with the sweet. That’s just the way it is.

Legend has it that poet, John Milton, wrote with a human skull on his desk. This skull was to remind him that one day he would shed his mortal coil and ascend to heaven. Images of death are known as memento mori, reminders of death. I never thought of death as something that I needed to be reminded of. Life on the other hand…

What we need more of are memento vita, reminders of life: people and things that give us the strength to move onward in the face of sadness or adversity. I have several memento mori cluttering up my office, but being a perennial pack rat, I have several memento vita as well. And my new favourite is a simple piece of wood, machined with precision, and deftly commanded by a good friend.


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